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Governing Documents

A bylaws is a set of rules established by an organization or community so as to regulate itself, as allowed or provided for by some higher authority.

Policies and Procedures are a set of rules and methods designed and communicated to structure certain processes within an organization. This term embraces the set of instructions given to WSGVR volunteers and staff from general guidelines to specific steps applicable to duties.

This Handbook is designed to help Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs navigate their leadership terms.  It was created with input from the WSGVR Board of Directors, past Committee Leaders, and WSGVR Staff.  The information contained in this section is updated regularly by WSGVR Staff.

This regional policies and procedures is to provide representation for member Associations of REALTORS® at the Regional and State level, consisting of West San Gabriel Valley REALTORS® and Citrus Valley Association of REALTORS®, in accordance with C.A.R. bylaws.

The Code is designed to establish a public and professional consensus against which the practice and conduct of REALTORS® and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®s may be judged. Adherence to the Code is an obligation voluntarily accepted by REALTORS® and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®s to ensure high standards of professional conduct to serve the interests of their clients and customers. To obtain a copy in different languages, click here.