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Before filing a complaint please read Before you File an Ethics Complaint

The West San Gabriel Valley REALTORS® (WSGVR) is here to help resolve your ethics and/or arbitration complaints against our REALTOR® members.

To view the NAR Code of Ethics, please click here.

If you have a problem with a real estate professional, you may want to speak with them or with a principal broker in their firm. Open, constructive discussion often resolves questions or differences, eliminating the need for further action.  If you are not satisfied after discussing matters with them, WSGVR has options available to you as follows:

1. Speak to an Ombudsman

The Ombudsman Program is an alternative dispute resolution program offered to members, clients and consumers. Ombudsman, experienced and trained REALTORS®, respond to general questions regarding real estate practices, transaction details, ethical practices and enforcement issues. The ombudsman may contact both parties and attempt to settle the matter. If no agreement is reached, the complainant may then file a formal Ethics complaint.

2. File an Ethics Complaint

Any person may request to file an ethics complaint against a WSGVR member and/or broker who they believe has violated the N.A.R. Code of Ethics or MLS Rules & Policies. A Complaint must be filed within 180 days from close of escrow or date of discovery with the Respondent’s primary Association.

3. File an Arbitration Complaint

An Arbitration Complaint is used to settle monetary disputes. Those looking to submit an arbitration complaint should submit their request to WSGVR. A non-refundable filing fee does apply.

4. Request Mediation

Mediation is available as an alternative to arbitration. Association mediations are trained REALTOR® members who work with both parties to facilitate mutually acceptable resolutions to disputes. Mediation is less formal and allows both parties to be more involved in the decision making process. WSGVR strongly encourages parties to utilize mediation services.