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Members are encouraged to participate in the planning of association activities ranging from local legislative issues, education and technology programs, professional standards and much more.

In order to serve on the Board of Directors: Prior to being nominated, the candidate must have served for one full-year as Committee Chair or Vice Chair of a standing committee; or have served for one full-year as an active member of the MLS/Technology Committee, Legislative Committee or Education Committee.

Below is a description of each committee WSGVR offers.

Affiliates Committee

Mission Statement:
To provide WSGVR members the tools, resources, programs, and networking opportunities needed to successfully transact in their businesses.

  • Chair: Leena Sankary
  • Vice Chair: Theresa Nguyễn

Bylaws/Policies & Procedures Committee

Mission Statement:
To review, revise and update WSGVR’s governing documents such as Bylaws, Policies and Procedures and Committee Policies and Procedures.

  • Chair: Lorraine Clark
  • Vice Chair: Brian Chen

Finance Committee

Mission Statement:
To serve as the fiscal arm of the Association, notifying the Board of Directors of availability of funds regarding all financial activities and requests for non-budgeted items.

  • Chair: Nanette Ong
  • Vice Chair: Jeff Huang

Education and Commercial Committee

Mission Statement:
To recommend and implement real estate related courses that are pertinent to the real estate industry that contribute to members knowledge, growth, and financial success of their profession.

  • Chair: Jeff Huang
  • Vice Chair: Cecilia Huynh

Global Business Council

Mission Statement:
To build diplomatic relationships and obtain Memorandum of Understandings with other countries, to promote education regarding international markets, and to promote an understanding of cultural diversity.

  • Chair:Yin Bihr
  • Vice Chair: Pauline Lam

Grievance Committee

Mission Statement:
To review and evaluate ethics complaints as required to determine whether the complaint warrants further consideration by a hearing Panel of the Professional Standards Committee.

  • Chair: Silvia Rosich
  • Vice Chair: Tom Tseng

Legislative Committee

Mission Statement:
To be involved, politically, through Key Contacts, in Local, State, and Federal legislatures as well as city and county commissions to ensure private property rights.

  • Chair: Pauline Lam
  • Vice Chair: Dora Leung

Membership/Special Events Committee

Mission Statement:
To recruit and retain members of WSGVR and plan, promote, and host various association social and networking events.

  • Chair: Dora Leung
  • Vice Chair: Jody Yu

Multiple Listing Service Committee

Mission Statement:
To conduct effective Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Breakfast Meetings, improve MLS operations for members and advise on the advancement of technology for the association.

  • Chair: Shun Zhang
  • Vice Chair: Nanette Ong

Orientation Committee

Mission Statement:
To onboard new members with information pertaining to real estate, REALTOR® membership and CRMLS.

  • Chair: Brian Chen
  • Vice Chair: Jeff Huang

Premises Committee

Mission Statement:
To monitor the maintenance, repairs and needs assessment of the building(s) occupied and/or owned by WSGVR.

  • Chair: Lorraine Clark
  • Vice Chair: Shun Zhang

Professional Standards Committee

Mission Statement:
To serve on hearing Panels, as required, to hear matters of alleged membership duty and ethical misconduct that may result in discipline. In addition, the committee hears alleged violations of MLS rules by MLS Participants or Subscribers.

  • Chair: Cecelia Rudar
  • Vice Chair: Nee Wong

Sergeant-At-Arms Committee

Mission Statement:
To maintain order and security at WSGVR events and gatherings.

  • Chair: David Tran

Technology Committee

Mission Statement
To establish a change management, identify changes, and vision 

Chair: Jeff Huang
Vice Chair: Tate Chen

Young Professional Network (YPN)

Mission Statement:
To help young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four core areas: REALTOR associations, real estate industry, peers, and community.

  • Chair: Ziren (Sharon) Wang
  • Vice Chair: William Wei