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Vote | Act | Contribute

You already know what it takes to be a REALTOR® representing your clients and protecting their investments, but All-Star REALTORS® go above and beyond. All- Star REALTORS® do three things:

Vote: Register to vote and vote in every election.  REALTORS® read and learn about their local, state, and federal elections and check the endorsements from their local associations, C.A.R., and N.A.R.

Act: The Red Alerts and Calls-For-Action notify REALTORS® of critical legislation at the local, state, or federal levels of government that will directly affect REALTORS® transactions. When called upon, please take action immediately to ensure your voice is heard!

Contribute: All-Star REALTORS® give to the REALTOR® Action Fund.  In 2015, C.A.R. stopped legislation that would have cost an estimated $9,950, on average, to every REALTOR® in California.  But it costs an average of $148 per REALTOR® per year to fight the point of sale bills, independent contractor withholdings, transfer taxes on real estate transactions, statewide service taxes, and other costly threats to the real estate industry.